How to make your goals come true

Hello friends, Yeah.. I am back! I’ve missed you so much, hope you did the same, hah! For the past 2 weeks I’ve been thinking of what should today’s post be about and I thought that the new year sounds like a new start and people often push themselves to do things they aren’t feeling… Continue reading How to make your goals come true


Christmas Day – Photo Diary

See you next year Blogmas! Love you all and merry, merry Christmas,xxAria

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My Letter to You

Hello Everyone! So how did you enjoy the whole Blogmas thing? I really enjoyed it and today we have to say goodbye to Blogmas 2018. What was your most favourite Blogmas post of all? It’s actually not totally over because a little bonus will come up on tomorrow’s morning in here so after tomorrow there’ll… Continue reading My Letter to You


Christmas Traditions & Songs

Hey friends! 1 day until Christmas Day. Whaaaat? This year I wanted my family to buy the biggest possible tree and guess what. They make my dream come true. We have the biggest tree we’ve ever had and it’s gorgeous. I can’t believe that it’s real. Do you already have a Christmas tree? I am… Continue reading Christmas Traditions & Songs


Winter skincare must haves

Hello friends!! Winter can be tough for some of us and I have some tips on how to keep fresh and soft skin during this cold months. But let’s for now talk a little bit about the fact that Christmas day comes in 2 days. 2 D A Y S!! Are you excited for Christmas… Continue reading Winter skincare must haves

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My 2018

Hello friends! As the year is coming to an end I thought it would be nice to recap my whole year, because a lot of things happened. And throughout the year I accomplished some of my goals for 2018. But firstly I’d love to thank you for staying with me the whole year. Your support… Continue reading My 2018

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Q&A – Christmas traditions

Hello friends! I can’t believe that it’s almost end of the year. I’ve been thinking only about Christmas and stuff like that and I totally forgot that this year ends in 12 days. Sounds crazy, right? Yesterday Kalyn Nicholson shared a photo on her instagram profile saying: 5 days till Christmas, 12 days till the… Continue reading Q&A – Christmas traditions

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Festive atmosphere

Hello friends! And welcome to day 19 of Blogmas! This also mean that we are more than half way through and there are only 5 days till Christmas and only 6 day till the end of Blogmas, which I am pretty said about even now although we have a lot ahead still. What are you… Continue reading Festive atmosphere

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Christmas Day

Hello friends and welcome to Blogmas Day 18!! It's officially 6 days until Christmas day! Craziness! Guys, now for real, do you have the presents? Because if not now is the best time to start shopping! Anyways, for a longer amount of time I've been thinking about this post. I always put so much pressure on… Continue reading Christmas Day

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I find it hard to live in these days

Hello friends! How have you been? What about your presents? Have you already got every single present? I am ready for Christmas to come for a looong time. Today a thought came into my mind and got me thinking. I often get overwhelmed with things I want from myself. I set goals that are sometimes… Continue reading I find it hard to live in these days